I’ve always been interested in programming since I was little but I never did anything about it. Last year when I saw that Timber Creek offered a computer science class (AP Computer Science Principles) I was extatic and I chose it immediately. I learned how to program in python in that class, and a bunch of other computer science topics and fundementals.

Halfway through the year last year, I joined Timber Creek’s Programming Team. Since then I have competed in many many programming competitions and learned so much about the world of programming. Last year, in the UCF High School Programming Tournament, me and my team place 42nd place out of 80 high school teams from all over florida. Only a year later, at this year’s tournament, me and my team placed 19th place.

This year I am taking AP Computer Science A, Foundations of Programming, and Procedural Programming. I’ve learned so much about programming and have gained so much knowledge and insight into the world of programming.

I chose to write about programming for this project because I’m very passionate about it and I love programming. I thought it would be cool to share a little bit of this knowledge with others.